Film Screening for S.P.T.E

tiger-tigerOn March 29, the movie Tiger Tiger is going to be screened at Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center, with us, S.P.T.E, as guest speakers. Tiger Tiger is about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and his journey to Asia, where his goal was to discover how land conservation could help protect the tigers. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, CEO and cofounder of Panthera, which is the foundation we send our donations to.

Tiger Tiger won the William Warner Award at the DC Environmental Film Festival and was a finalist for the Conservation Heroes Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. To hear more from Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, check him out on The Moth.


Fundraiser Goal Met!

Dear Readers,

We have achieved our goal of $1,000! Our final total is $1,120. And a special thanks to our principal, Kevin Regan. He has made it possible for us to do our fundraiser at the Norman E. Day School, and has made serious effort on the part of S.P.T.E. Thank you very much to all donors. I’m sure that Panthera will be very appreciative of your contributions.