Help Save the Tigers/Adopt a Tiger

Was there anything in your childhood that you were really passionate about? I have developed a dedication to tigers while working on a school report. I learned that there are only 4,000 tigers left in the wild. I was astonished and shocked to learn that! Then, I was inspired to start S.P.T.E.. That stands for the Society for the Prevention of Tiger Extinction. I am working very hard to teach people about tigers so they will realize how important it is to save them.

I am also trying to save money for Panthera, a fellow organization. They also help protect tigers by helping them return into the wild. To raise money for Panthera I am going to run the Ashland Trail Race 10K in June and I would really appreciate it if you would sponsor me through my GoFundMe page. I am hoping for donations of 5 to 10 dollars and my goal is $250 so that I can adopt a tiger through Panthera . Adopting a tiger provides supplies for the people who are helping tigers in the wild.

Thank you for your time and for considering my request.




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