“Henry’s Tiger”

Check out the recently published (Fall 2017) issue of Nuido, The Journal of Japanese Embroidery, for the following article by Mary Pinto (Henry’s grandmother) about SPTE’s inspiration for her to stitch “Tiger with Bamboo,” share its story with the world, and give the piece to Henry for his birthday.



Film Screening for S.P.T.E

tiger-tigerOn March 29, the movie Tiger Tiger is going to be screened at Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center, with us, S.P.T.E, as guest speakers. Tiger Tiger is about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and his journey to Asia, where his goal was to discover how land conservation could help protect the tigers. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, CEO and cofounder of Panthera, which is the foundation we send our donations to.

Tiger Tiger won the William Warner Award at the DC Environmental Film Festival and was a finalist for the Conservation Heroes Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. To hear more from Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, check him out on The Moth.

Fundraiser Goal Met!

Dear Readers,

We have achieved our goal of $1,000! Our final total is $1,120. And a special thanks to our principal, Kevin Regan. He has made it possible for us to do our fundraiser at the Norman E. Day School, and has made serious effort on the part of S.P.T.E. Thank you very much to all donors. I’m sure that Panthera will be very appreciative of your contributions.


Norman E. Day School Fundraiser

You may have heard people talking about our organization, S.P.T.E. This stands for Students for the Prevention of Tiger Extinction. We work tirelessly to educate people about tigers. We also raise money to save tigers from extinction. We have raised about $700. Our past fundraisers include a booth at the Westford Farmers Market, a 10K race, and an online fundraising page.

We are introducing a fundraiser to the Norman E. Day School. It is called Tigers Forever, a fundraiser created by Panthera in 2006. All of the money that we receive goes directly to Panthera. Tigers Forever is working to increase the number of tigers in India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and Nepal by 50% throughout ten years.


They are doing this by training special police to protect tigers from poachers. A poacher is a person who hunts and trades animals illegally. Most animals hunted by poachers are endangered. That means that there are not many of that species left in the wild. Luckily, Panthera is using a device called poachercams to root out poachers as well as protect the habitats of tigers.

Tigers are very endangered, with only about 3,200 of them left in the wild. Tigers Forever is also identifying and securing tiger habitats. It is important to protect tiger habitats from poaching and habitat destruction.

This fundraiser will last from 1/20/16 until 2/29/16. We will be handing out prizes to people who raise or donate $10, $25, $50, or $100.

  • $10 donation: neon animal print pencil
  • $25 donation: animal print tiger notebook
  • $50 donation: plush animal bookmark
  • $100 S.P.T.E. t-shirt

Donations can be made in cash or check form (payable to Panthera). There will be a box in the lobby of the Norman E. Day School to put your donations into. Please put your name and contact information on your check or with your cash.


We would like to thank everybody in advance for donating. More information about prizes and our organization will be given out in school and on this web site during the fundraiser.

Ran My Race and Adopted TWO Tigers

Today I ran the Ashland 10k trail race. There were a lot of roots on the trail, so it was very hard to run without falling down.


I raised $628, which I am going to give to Panthera. I can adopt two tigers!! Thank you to everyone who donated. Your donations made it possible for me to adopt two tigers.


Our campaign is over but S.P.T.E. remains as intact as ever. Tigers! TIGERS! TIGERS!!!